What It Means To Have BPI Certified Compostable Products

Now, more than ever, families and businesses need to have environmentally friendly products. Fortunately, as landfills rise, consumers have caught on to the fact that what happens to a product after its use is just as important as how it is used. This awareness has led to a widespread increase in the use of sustainable materials, many of them being compostable. In addition, rigid standards and certification processes have become rightfully commonplace to ensure that compostable products will truly break down after use in the right environment.

What is “BPI Certified Compostable?”

This is an example of what you might see on a case or on the actual product itself.

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is the national leader in certifying the real-world biodegradability and compostability of foodservice tableware. Since 2002, they have made it their mission to certify products whose materials can biodegrade completely without leaving harmful residues behind. Their famous compostable logo can be seen on many of the products you consume. This certification indicates that the product has been independently tested and has been verified to break down completely in a commercial compost facility after use.

According to their website, BPI’s overall goal is “Scalable diversion of organic waste to composting, by verifying that products and packaging will successfully break down in professionally managed composting facilities, without harming the quality of that compost.”
They aim to accomplish these goals through education, the adoption of scientifically based standards, and alliances with other organizations.

Having products with BPI certification is essential as it tests the real-world conditions for composting, rather than strictly relying on lab results. In addition, as the environmentally-conscious space expands, it helps to ensure that the lack of a certification logo easily refutes false claims about a product’s compostability.

JUDIN PACKING & Compostability Certification

For our team now and in the future, it’s critical to offer disposable, certified compostable products that our customers can trust. Because of this, most of them are BPI Certified.

Our expansive line of biodegradable & compostable products are all made from plant-based materials which offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic. Choose from various sizes of compostable cupscompostable strawscompostable take out boxes ,compostable  salad bowl and so on.



Post time: Sep-07-2022