Degradable Solution

Biodegradable materials have little impact on the environment, meet the sustainable development, can effectively solve the environmental crisis and other problems, so the demand is growing, biodegradable packaging products are more and more widely used in all walks of life. Because most of the materials used in the packaging are natural and can be degraded without adding catalyst, these solutions are widely used in the food and beverage industry. Many industries and governments have taken measures to reduce material waste and environmental impact. Companies such as Unilever and P & G have pledged to move to natural packaging solutions and reduce their ecological footprint (mainly carbon emissions) by 50%, which is one of the factors driving the use of biodegradable packaging in various industries. More and more innovations, such as automated and intelligent packaging solutions in the industry, are expanding to end products.

More and more responsible people are moving towards sustainable packaging solutions.

The world's population has exceeded 7.2 billion, of which over 2.5 billion are aged 15-35. They attach more importance to the environment. With the combination of technological progress and global population growth, plastics and paper are widely used in various industries. Packaging materials obtained from various sources (especially plastics) form important solid waste, which is very harmful to the environment. Many countries (especially developed countries) have strict regulations to reduce waste and promote the use of biodegradable packaging materials.