【Environmental food packaging - Biodegradable - Compostable】This is the direction of the future.

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  • 11years experience professional

    11years experience professional

  • Automatic high updated equipment

    Automatic high updated equipment

  • Eco Friendly paper products

    Eco Friendly paper products

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  • Reasonable price,stable quanlity

    Reasonable price,stable quanlity

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    Reply within 24 hours

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About Us

Established in 2009, Judin Pack Group is a specialized manufacturer of disposable food cups and containers, located in Ningbo City, a famous seaport city, we are enjoying convenient transportation, which has brought us more opportunities and competitive advantages on international markets. The company has experienced foreign trade service team and management experience, as the company’s operating bring a great vitality.

Featured Press

  • Comparison of plastic-free paper cups and plastic cups

    For consumers, the use of disposable tableware makes life more convenient. For merchants in the catering industry, when providing packaging or takeaway services, they will use paper disposable lunch boxes or plastic lunch boxes for decoration. It can be said that disposable tableware greatly faci...

  • Great Use for of Wooden Cutlery

    Advantages of Employing Wooden Cutlery Eco-friendly Wooden cutlery is a sustainable and eco-friendly substitute for plastic and metal utensils. The creation of wooden cutlery has a lower environmental impact in comparison to plastic and metal, rendering it a more sustainable option for eco-consci...

  • Disposable coffee cups with lids: a convenient and eco-friendly solution

    In our fast-paced world,convenience often takes precedence over sustainability.However.a balance must be found between the two.0ne popular convenience item that has garnered a lot of attention lately is the disposable coffee cup with a lid.These cups offer many benefits,from portability to insula...

  • PP Plastic Cups – A Sustainable and Stylish Choice

    In today’s world, the struggle against single-use plastics is more important than ever. With increasing awareness of environmental issues, consumers are seeking sustainable alternatives for everyday items. One popular product in recent years is the PP plastic cup. It is not only a practical choic...

  • Benefits of Bagasse disposable food containers

    100% biodegradable, grease-proof, microwavable and freezer safe, these take-out containers are perfect for food & drinks-to-go, takeaways, pubs, cafes and restaurants that offer a food delivery service. Suitable for hot and oily foods, ‘Bagasse’ food containers are made from 100% natural suga...