Judin History

  • We are 11 years old.
    For the period from 2009 to 2020, we increased:
    - the area of production sites in 3 times;
    - production volume 9 times;
    - the number of our key customers is 3 times;
    - the number of jobs in the company 4 times;
    - assortment 7 times.
    The company continues to adhere to its business growth strategy through the development of relationships with key partners and customers. Long-term plans and plans for 3, 5 and 10 years are constantly updated and supplemented, taking into account the analysis of trends in the packaging and consumables market - focus on market trends for biodegradable products.

  • Attended the Hispack trade show in Barcelona and All4pack in Paris.
    The range in each of the business areas is expanding significantly. The production of new types of products begins, namely: paper cups, soup cups, salad bowls, noodle box and much more.

  • Develop sales in the USA market.
    Attended the NRA trade show in Chicago.
    Realized the mass production of PLA products and exported to the European market.

  • Increase production equipment and bring in more staff to improve production capacity.
    Try using PLA coating instead of traditional PE in paper cups and salad bowls.
    The third factory is opened that specialized in producing plastic cup and lid.

  • Created a QC department. to strengthen product quality source tracking.
    The company began the production and sale of recycling corrugated products.

  • The company began the production and sale of paper bags.

  • The new factory is opened that specialized in producing soup cups and salad bowls and etc.

  • Develop sales in the Australian market.
    Introduced a new production line to produce plastic lid and plastic straw.

  • In Ningbo, a group of like-minded people created the JUDIN company, the main activity of which was the sale of paper boxes and cups exported to the European market.