Soup Cup

Paper soup cup is one of our best-selling products. At JUDIN packing , you will discover an assortment of paper soup cup in every desired size. In our online store, you’re sure to discover a food container that meets your packaging requirements, with sizes ranging from 70ml to 1000ml.All f our cups are manufactured in China by the most advanced machines. Paper soup cups are food grade, making them perfect for loading cold/hot food and soup. Our low minimum order quantity makes our paper soup cups appealing to both large and small businesses.

0ur paper soup cups are matched with standard paper lid and PP lid. To make the cup more environmentally friendly,the cups are made from entirely Degradable materials and are also compostable. Paper coup cups are one of the most eco-friendly disposable packaging alternatives available.

Come to JUDIN Packing,our expansive line of biodegradable & compostable products are all made from plant-based materials which offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic. Choose from various sizes of eco-friendly coffee cups, eco-friendly soup cups, eco-friendly ice cream cup ,eco-friendly salad bowl and so on.