What is a kraft paper bag?

Kraft paper bags are one of the most typical paper shopping bag in our lives. Purchasing in big supermarkets, footwear stores, garments stores, and so on, there are usually kraft paper bags offered for clients to bring the acquired products. Kraft paper bags are an eco-friendly shopping bag with a wide range.



Basic knowledge

The make-up of the kraft paper bag is made of kraft paper. It is safe, anemic, tasteless, low-carbon, environmentally friendly as well as non-polluting. According to international environmental criteria, it is a globally identified environmentally friendly product.

The kraft paper bag is made from entire wood pulp paper. The color is split into white kraft paper as well as yellow kraft paper. It can be covered with PP material on the paper to shield it. The bag strength can be made right into one to six layers according to customers’ requirements., printing as well as bag making combination. The opening and sealing techniques are separated into warm securing, paper sealing and paste base.

Range of application

Chemical basic materials, food, pharmaceutical ingredients, constructing materials, supermarket buying, apparel, etc. All appropriate for the packaging of kraft paper bags


Advantages of kraft paper bags

Now allow’s take a look at the advantages of using kraft paper bags.

1. Compared to plastic bags, kraft paper bags are non-polluting, eco-friendly as well as can be recycled.

2. The cost is low. , Kraft paper bags are less costly to acquire and also can be used as shopping bags for shopping malls, grocery stores, and garments stores.

3. Kraft paper initially has its very own shade, so no complete web page printing is needed. Basic lines can produce beautiful patterns.


Post time: Feb-03-2021