Paper prices rise in the driver where?

Throughout the paper market, has now been “price” shrouded. So what’s driving the price rise?The following four reasons are paper prices in the short term frequent rise of power.

1. After the implementation of the waste ban, the reduction of raw material supply pushes up the paper price;

The official implementation of the ban on waste on January 1 made the supply of goods in the waste market appear tight.The tightening of the waste paper policy on the base paper heavily dependent on imports of China’s carton industry, into the paper price rise strong power, the high cost of raw materials to push up the price of paper can not be ignored a force.

2. The rising cost of the supply side becomes the leading price increase;

Paper price rise is mainly affected by supply side factors: on the one hand, the price of waste paper, coal, chemical additives, resulting in the rising production costs of papermaking enterprises, so increase the price of base paper;On the other hand, as an alternative raw material for waste paper wood pulp, the price of a large increase in the impact of base paper prices.

3. The original paper mill is easy to establish price alliance, and the behavior of holding back sale and chasing up price pushes up the paper price;

There is a phenomenon in the industry: when the original paper mill inventory is sufficient to start shutdown price, to create an atmosphere of inventory shortage to the market, the downstream enterprises panic psychological aggravation, because of the worry that the paper price is getting higher and higher, so desperately ready for storage.Sell and chase behavior to play “with”, paper prices are difficult to rise!

4. Capacity tends to be centralized, and large paper mills have the right to speak.

Due to the rise of paper prices on our impact is also very large, paper cups, soup cups, salad bowls and a series of products have a large increase.

Post time: Mar-03-2021