Paper packaging and Food industry

Paper packaging and the food industry are two complementary industries. The increasing consumption trend leads to an increasing demand for paper packaging.

Demand for paper packaging

The strong online markets in recent years combined with fast delivery services has helped the food industry thrive. The demand for paper packaging such as paper food boxes, paper bowls, paper cups, etc. has grown rapidly.

Moreover, the fast pace of life and the demands of work require everything to be fast, compact and convenient. Consumers choose products and services that meet convenience but still have to ensure health. Therefore, paper products to replace disposable plastic are the first choice in the present as well as the future trend.

Paper packaging and food industry

The foodservice market is one of the fastest growing and most anticipated markets for paper packaging consumption. Although the proportion of paper consumption of this industry is not high (<1%) compared to the overall, but the growth rate is strong, it is a potential market for paper packaging to develop and spread.

The perception of the market potential is correct and completely grounded. Consumer awareness is increasing. They are aware and prioritize choosing green packaging in consumption to protect the health of themselves, their families and improve the living environment. Pressures from the government and the international market to limit plastic packaging, plastic, solid waste and strict controls in an effort to create a healthy living environment have partly promoted the packaging industry. Paper packaging is growing.

Companies operating in the paper packaging industry are also making great efforts to create products that can completely replace plastic packaging. Disposable products such as paper bowls, paper bags, paper straws, paper boxes, paper handles, paper cups, etc. have been born and are well received by the market.

Large enterprises pioneer in the use of paper packaging

Many key players in the F&B industry have pioneered the use of paper packaging. Famous coffee, milk tea, ice cream brands have used green packaging for their products: Hokkaido Ice Cream, Starbuck, etc. This is a pioneering step in the implementation of the green living trend. , make a good impression on their customers. And this is also an effective PR tool, showing the vision and responsibility for the environment of large enterprises.

Potential and challenges of the paper packaging industry

The Covid-19 global pandemic is taking place and has not yet cooled down, seriously affecting the entire economy, including the paper packaging industry.

The isolation period has stopped the production process for 1-2 months. After the gap, the working personnel changed, affecting the work progress. Raw materials are also affected. The shortage situation, imported materials are delayed due to strict control at the border gate because of the pandemic. Material costs increased due to shortages.

Besides the difficulties, the market potential in this period is huge. Consumers tend to be afraid to go out, so they will order food for delivery, and the demand for green packaging is huge. Therefore, the paper packaging does not worry about the output source during this period.

With the potential market and the desire to improve the quality of life and the environment, both paper packaging and the food industry have developed that bring a lot of value to life.

Post time: Jun-09-2021