Innovative usage and introduction of paper cups

Do you have a very specific query or wish for your paper cup to further raise awareness and surprise your recipients? Wholesale coffee cup suppliers provide quality paper cups. An insulating layer of air between the inside and outside of a good quality paper cup ensures that the drink stays warm for a long time and you don’t burn yourself on it.
If you want to interact with your recipient, the double wall paper coffee cup can be made into a voucher or voucher cup by cutting a voucher on the outside of the paper cup. In this way, you can schedule contests, draw prizes, or distribute vouchers.
Printing methods used by wholesale coffee cup suppliers
There are many opinions about the various types of printing, which one is better. In general, paper cup suppliers will use offset and flexo printing to operate because this printing method is cheaper for plates. In this way, you as the customer can guarantee competitive prices for both small and large quantities.
As far as paper cup printing is concerned, flexo printing is also the most common printing method. Flexo printing using printing plate, can achieve high quality printing, especially high image resolution. This means that you can also print high-quality regular images. At Hyde, we like clean and simple things – and so does our packaging philosophy. You don’t have to stash tons of unused, dust-covered paper cups in remote storage. You can order as many as you need! This way, you can update the design to your liking and even match the background color on the paper cup to the season or the latest color trend? Only your creativity sets the boundaries! Contact our team immediately for guidance and assistance in designing printing and packaging.

 Colorful paper cups
We offer your own prints in a variety of colour combinations for our paper cups. Whether you prefer a simple, stylish paper cup with a simple, minimalist and professional look, or a refreshing and colorful design that really grabs the attention of the recipient, it’s entirely up to you. We are ready to meet your requirements and preferences – no limits! As an added service, we can also help you design for free.
We offer paper cups with matte or glossy surface logo printing. If you prefer rough surfaces with less color saturation, matte surfaces are the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a paper cup with high color saturation and a vivid and shiny logo or print color, we recommend using a glossy paper cup.

Coffee cups to go
In a busy and busy working day, we know time can be short and there isn’t always time to sit down and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee. With a practical paper cup lid, you can easily take your coffee to go. The paper cup with the logo is perfect for carrying in the car on your way to work or on your bike to school or college. A small water hole in the lid allows you to enjoy hot drinks without worrying about burning your lips or your tongue. Adjust your sipping to your heart’s content and put a lid on your paper cup.

Judin Packing to create a more sustainable world and offers paper cups with logo printing to protect the environment and minimize carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. We ensure that carbon dioxide emissions from transport are kept to a minimum. Wholesale coffee cup suppliers provide not only a container, but also a responsibility. You can easily order paper cups  at JUDIN.

Post time: Mar-23-2022